At Urgi-Kids we are committed to providing timely, convenient, and comprehensive pediatric and adolescent urgent care in our child-friendly environment. Urgi-Kids is staffed by board-certified pediatricians and practitioners with extensive pediatric emergency training.

Urgi-kids can provide rapid diagnosis and care for a wide range of injuries and illnesses that do not require a visit to a hospital emergency room, where the wait times are often long. If your child needs urgent attention that cannot wait until your doctor's next routine business day, Urgi-kids can accommodate you. The clinicians that comprise the staff at Urgi-kids consider themselves to be an extension of your own primary care provider and not a replacement.

We will always fax or call a summary of your care to your primary physician so there is continuity and appropriate follow-up.

Most children who visit the emergency room of a hospital do not require such extensive services, nor do they tolerate the usual long waits associated with these visits. If we find your child does require these services we will discuss this with you and your physician.


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